Best Cityfone Cell Phone Plans

Cityfone is a famous Canadian mobile service with various services and plans. Buy a cell phone with Cityfone or use your own unlocked mobile phone to take advantage of their mobile plans.

They offer excellent customer service throughout the day on various platforms such as phone, live chat or email. Those who use their services can get their money back within 30 days of purchasing to be satisfied with the level of service they offer.

Cityfone is a company that is able to adjust and suit just about any lifestyle. With the ability to change out the plan for something that fits your budget, but also your needs; many customers love the functionality. By using a quality company like Cityfone, users have also found that their connectivity is stronger than ever, and their bills are much more affordable. Learn more about Cityfone, the company that is sweeping the area by storm and able to provide solutions to all of your mobile phone and hotspot needs.

Best Unlimited data/high Data Plans

Unfortunately, Cityfone does not offer any unlimited data plans. They offer unlimited minutes, text messages, and the highest level of data at 5GB. This is a high level of connectivity. Any extra minutes that are gone over or bandwidth is then charged to the user separately from the monthly charge of $95 per line.

These plans are more ideal for those users who have smartphones, as they require a higher amount of data than some of the other phone plans that you’d come across.

Best Data Plans

They do not have data-only plans. Those who want to use data will also have to pay to have a talk and text plan. Choosing a high amount of data at 5 or 6 GB would be ideal since they can provide the user with a way to stay connected in other ways.

These plans both provide unlimited text messaging and calling, but they have the highest amount of data you’re able to get with a plan. These plans also provide the user with a way to create a hot spot.

Best Talk and Text Plans

There are a number of talk and text plans that can fit any budget and lifestyle. Whether you text a lot or call a lot; you can mix, and match based on that alone. You can also choose a plan based on the specific price you want to pay every month.

The unlimited talk and text plan open up the ability to have unlimited text messages and calling abilities. The best part about this plan that we love is that it is only $25 per line, per month. This is one of the most affordable ways to stay in touch and you don’t have to worry about running out of minutes.

If you need more affordable options, you can choose a 60 minute and text message plan. This runs around $18 per line per month and gives you enough messages to get you by. For $22 per line per month, you can get 100 messages and 100 minutes of talk time.

The most popular option is the unlimited option providing the user with a way to call and text as much or as little as they’d like for one low price.

Popular and Exclusive Features on the Carriers Plans

These are additional extras or additions that can be added to the plans depending on the user and what they’d like to get from the plan. Not only can additional minutes for talking be added, but also text messaging, and long-distance calling. Those who need more data can add on additional streaming capabilities for this.

These additions start at just $2 per month per line, but can go up to $10 per month, per line depending on the addition that is being made and the amount that the user would like to add to their specific plan.

The company also has a specialty plan for those in the US and Canada. If you are going to be calling one or the other from one or the other spot, then this can save money in the long run from long-distance fees that might cause the phone bill from another carrier to rise. Due to this, they have specialty plans that can be used in place of the regular ones specifically for this purpose.

These plans run as low as $40 per line per month for 150 minutes of talk time and unlimited messages with no data, or up to $80 per line per month for up to 1GB of data, unlimited messages and 500 minutes of talk time. The middle range is $60 per month and has 500MB of data, 200 minutes of talk time and unlimited messages.

The plan or add on that the user chooses can be customized to their specific needs or wants during the time of using the service and phone.

Cityfone Cell Phone Plans

Cityfone users can purchase a variety of add-ons including voicemail and unlimited incoming local calls, data add-ons, text add-ons and international add-ons.

  • Talk and text plans are available for a range of fees from $18-$30. All packages include call waiting and conference calling.
  • Cityfone also offers a variety of family plans from $40-$80/month.
  • Their smartphone plans range from $32-$60/month.
  • They also offer two types of unlimited plans from $80-$95/month.

Carriers Network Coverage

The coverage for the network is vast and covers a lot of the portions of south Canada and into the upper regions of Alberta. There is a coverage map right on the website that can be used for more in-depth information and to search for your own coverage depending on where you currently are living.

Ottawa, Montreal, NB, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and some parts of British Columbia and Manitoba have coverage areas. Those who live further south in Canada have a better network connection than those living further north.

There has been extended coverage that moved up north and over to the east further in recent years, in addition to the already strong network coverage that was once held in the southern portion of the country.

Again, those interested in these plans are welcome to check their own place to find out how this might affect your coverage when you choose to use one of the available plans.

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Cityfone Cell Phone Plans

Cityfone Provides 6 Cell Phone Plans

The average cost per month for Cell Phone Service is $34.67.

Cityfone offers 0 Monthly Billed Plans and 6 Prepaid Plans

Cheapest Monthly Billed Sim Only Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Cityfone at $ per month

Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Cityfone at $18 per month

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