Cancelling Your Contract From Cell Phone Providers

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If you use the services one of the major wireless companies in Canada, you are probably tethered to a contract that runs for two years. These cell phone providers keep promising you amazing customer service and unbelievable end of the year offers but never seem to deliver. There is a high chance that you are already tired of waiting for a 10% discount and having to cope with a customer service that deteriorates daily.

If you have been wondering whether you can cancel your wireless contract easily, the Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has a good answer. This comes in the form of the Wireless Code of Conduct, which is now in effect. Yes, the law now protects you!

Since the establishment of the Code in 2013, cancelling a wireless contract in Canada has become more open, and probably easier. Read on to see how you can cancel your wireless contract.

Cancelling a Contract from Cell Phone Providers

Like before, your wireless contract in Canada is still a legal agreement between you and your provider. This means that if you opt to break the contract, there is a price to pay. Of course, the cell phone providers justify their early termination fees (ETFs) by the pricey phones they give you.

However, if there is one reason for you to smile, it should be that you could cancel your wireless contract with ease. This is incredible news because you cannot afford to avoid taking advantage of the dynamic wireless market.

Since the introduction of regulations by CRTC in 2013, you can now switch to another provider through a simple call. However, I must say this does not entirely make it a walk in the park for frustrated consumers. In fact, I had to undergo a three hour phone ordeal the last time I tried to ditch a provider.

I thank CRTC for stopping the absurd requirement that a consumer wishing to cancel a wireless contract must provide a 30-days notice to the provider. I feel that we now have more control over the wireless services that we get, as it always should have been.

The Wireless Code also covers you on the amount that the provider can charge you on cancelling the contract. However, the inevitable price changes it is introducing in the market are even sweeter.

The Money Factor

The fact that customers are no longer tied to three-year contracts has made wireless contracts amazingly cheaper. I do not know whether you have noted how friendly introductory plans are nowadays. Offers are also very common as opposed to several years ago. If you are unhappy with a wireless service, you have fifteen days to return the cell phone. This is a huge opportunity for consumers to get the best cell phone plans available in the market. I must say that the new rules are God-sent.

That is it! Now Grab The Best Cell Phone Plans

I think it is now easier to meander out of an unpleasant wireless contract in Canada. The introduction of the Wireless Code of Conduct offers hope that things will continue getting sweeter for you. Clearly, cell phone providers always have a way of identifying loopholes and utilizing them to gain an advantage. Whatever the case, you do not need to remain on board if you are unhappy. Come on, hop into a better wagon if you find one. Pester the provider, asks hard questions and use all the ammunition provided in the code.

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