What Kind of Internet is Required for VoIP Phones?

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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a way to turn analog audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

What kind of internet is required for VoIP phones?

Wi-Fi allows a wireless device, such as a laptop, computer, tablet or phone to become a VoIP phone.  Although this isn’t as secure as a wired connection, it can be secured by assigning a password to the Wi-Fi.

Due to VoIP being on a wireless internet connection, it does create some problems and mainly due to emergency services.  Since Wi-Fi is dependent on electricity, if there is a power outage, you cannot reach emergency services, also, because internet phones do not have a fixed address, the location of the call makes it difficult to be traced, making it difficult for emergency responders to find the location if it cannot be communicated by the caller.

Always have the correct contact information available to your ISP or VoIP service provider. Notify them of any change and if you are a business, keep them current on employees and employee information.  The CRTC states VoIP service providers must provide either basic or enhanced 911 service.  They must also inform the person of the limitations of the 911 service and get consent. They need to notify subscribers about the availability, characteristics, and limitations of their 911 service. This must be done when the service starts and at least once a year thereafter.

Why has VoIP become so popular for business? 

There are a many reasons, but mainly due to the lower cost for both local and long distance calls, VoIP uses one network to administrate both data and voice and that simplifies administration and also makes it easy to add, move and make changes to the phone system as needed and allows the employee to have access to the phone at home, office or on the road.   Traditionally, Small Business was limited to communicating to their customers and could not complete with the larger companies due to cost and resources, but today, with many internet providers, VoIP gives Small Business a level playing Field.   If you or your employees use a smartphone, save by using Skype for Mobile to make free or low-cost calls. This will allow you to bypass the cellular plan using the phone’s Internet connection. With a Wi-Fi enabled device, you can also use a wireless hotspot.

Vik Palan

Vik Palan

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