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The Fastest Auracom Internet Plans

Auracom - Rogers1Gbps - ON1000 Mbps Speed15 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$99.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Rogers500 - ON500 Mbps Speed15 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$94.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Rogers300 - ON300 Mbps Speed15 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$89.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - East300 - NS300 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$74.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Rogers150 - ON150 Mbps Speed15 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$72.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Shaw Cable150 - AB,BC150 Mbps Speed15 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$79.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - East150 - NS150 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$64.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Cogeco120 - ON120 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$84.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Shaw Cable120 - AB,BC120 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$65.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - East100 - NS100 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$56.95Monthly Cost

The Cheapest Auracom Internet Plans

Auracom - Bell DSL6 - ON,QC6 Mbps Speed0.8 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$29.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Rogers5 - ON6 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$34.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Bell DSL10 - ON,QC10 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$35.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Rogers15 - ON15 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$37.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - SASDSL5 - SK5 Mbps Speed0.6 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$37.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Bell DSL15 - ON,QC15 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$38.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Shaw Cable20 - AB,BC20 Mbps Speed1.5 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$38.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Bell DSL25 - ON,QC25 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$39.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Rogers30 - ON30 Mbps Speed5 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$42.95Monthly Cost
Auracom - Shaw Cable30 - AB,BC30 Mbps Speed5 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$43.95Monthly Cost

Auracom is a telecommunications company that offers a range of services to residential and business customers. With a focus on providing reliable connectivity and personalized solutions, Auracom aims to meet the communication needs of its users. They offer internet, voice, and data services to ensure comprehensive telecommunications solutions.

Auracom's internet services prioritize reliable and high-speed connectivity, enabling users to browse, stream, and work online without interruptions. They understand the importance of consistent performance and fast speeds in today's digital world. Additionally, Auracom provides voice services, allowing customers to stay connected with reliable and clear voice communication. They also offer data services for businesses, enabling them to transmit and store data efficiently and securely.

Cities Covered By Auracom

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  1. Reliable Connectivity

  2. Pricing
  3. Personalized Solutions

  4. Excellent Customer Support


  1. Limited Availability

  2. Service Reliability in Certain Areas

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n'offre aucun service en français sur le territoire du QuÊbec. Après plusieurs recherche, cette compagnie ressemble plus à une arnaque qu'autre chose. Il n'a aucune trace nul part sur internet des fameuse 30 dernières annÊes de leurs existence. Les très peut d'avis trouver ressemble sois à des faux comptes ou sinon des avis nÊgatif comme quoi ils se sont fais avoir. Leurs location sur google map mène directement dans un magasin de cannabis, leurs images d'entreprise sur google map est le parking de ce magasin, dÊjà la des questions se pose


This company is a scam. Only one person working here and they continue to say support will contact me, a manager will contact me yet no one returns my call. Their billing department decided to take a holiday and not run my payment so my website was not renewed which led to my entire company losing their emails and still no response. This company is absolute garbage and I recommend you never use them.


Terrible company, terrible customer service.


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Auracom Internet

Auracom Provides internet service in 6 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Auracom is $57.22.

Auracom has a total of 33 Internet Plans

Auracom offers the highest speed of 1000 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Auracom is $29.95 

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