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Comwave Internet

Comwave Provides internet service in 4 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Comwave is $66.20.

Comwave has a total of 4 Internet Plans

Comwave offers the highest speed of 250 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Comwave is $49.95 

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Best Comwave Internet Plans

Comwave is Canada’s largest privately-owned telecommunications company that specializes in Voice over IP (VoIP), serving more than 1,600 cities across Canada and the US. For over a decade, we have provided our customers with low-cost home and business phone services, unlimited mobile calling and the guaranteed lowest long distance rates. 

The Fastest Comwave Internet Plans

The Cheapest Comwave Internet Plans

Comwave Internet 

The self-acclaimed industry leader in Voice over IP (VoIP), Comwave, really does have a lot going for her as the largest privately owned telecommunications company and definitely passes for one of the best internet service provider. Established in 1999, this brainchild of Yuval Barzakay, and a onetime winner of Consumer’s Choice Award, provides VoIP, phone, mobile calling and high speed internet services for homes and businesses.

They have been applauded for providing cheap internet and phone services and saving the consumers from the cartels of big telecommunications companies. For this, they are regarded as the best internet service provider by a good number of people. If you ask me, I, too, feel the same; if I can get it cheap and classy, why not?

Comwave Internet Coverage

Comwave high speed internet service was launched in 2013 and now serves over 500 cities in Canada and more than 1,100 in the US.   Comwave Internet Plans packages are often all inclusive; modem, dry loop and in-home installations.Also, they provide for unlimited download in all their packages while still making other options available. More so, their ‘make it a bundle’ option affords customers the convenience of bundling Home phone with unlimited internet services at a low cost.

Best Comwave Internet Plans

They have their packages structured into Residential and Business, to cater for the difference preferences of homes and offices.

Comwave Residential Internet Plans

  • Internet 6 – at ‘make it a bundle cost’ of $49.95

This is very suitable for you, if all you need is light browsing with up to 6 Mbps download speed and 800 kbps upload speed. The download limit can either be 75GB or unlimited, the choice is all yours.

  • Comwave Internet 15 – at ‘make it a bundle cost’ of $54.95

Yes, your guess is as good as the answer, the download speed is up to 15 Mbps and the upload can be 1 Mbps fast with unlimited, 150GB or 50GB monthly download limit options.

  • Comwave Internet 25 – at ‘make it a bundle cost’ of $59.95

The goody is 25 Mbps fast download to a limit of 150GB, or unlimited, at 2 Mbps upload speed.

  • IComwave nternet 50 – at ‘make it a bundle cost’ of $69

This is the peak of the delight, with 50 Mbps and 4 Mbps download and uploadspeed, respectively. No worry about exceeding download limit too with unlimited and 150GB transfer limit.

Comwave Business Internet Plans

  • Unlimited 6/800

This is billed at $45.95 for up to 6 Mbps fast unlimited download.

  • Unlimited 16/1

For your growing business, you can get unlimited and fast (16 Mbps) internet download at a cheap rate of $49.95.

  • Unlimited 25/5

This might just be the best internet service for your business at 25 Mbps fast unlimited download at $69.95.

  • Unlimited 50/5

Well, it usually doesn’t any get better than this; $95.95 for 50 Mbps, and remember it’s unlimited download.

Cities Covered By Comwave

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