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The Fastest Netflash Internet Plans

Netflash - Fibre 1G Internet Plan1000 Mbps Speed200 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$120Monthly Cost
Netflash - Fibre 500 Internet Plan500 Mbps Speed150 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$110Monthly Cost
Netflash - Fibre 120 Internet Plan120 Mbps Speed60 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$100Monthly Cost
Netflash FibreLink High-speed 100 VDSL100 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$75Monthly Cost
Netflash - Fibre 60 Internet Plan60 Mbps Speed30 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$85Monthly Cost
Netflash - B–VDSL 50 Business Internet Plan50 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$100Monthly Cost
Netflash FibreLink High-speed 50 VDSL50 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$60Monthly Cost
Netflash - AirLink 30 Wireless Internet Plan30 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$90Monthly Cost
Netflash - B–VDSL 25 Business Internet Plan25 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$80Monthly Cost
Netflash FibreLink High-speed 25 VDSL25 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$50Monthly Cost

The Cheapest Netflash Internet Plans

Netflash FibreLink High-speed 15 DSL15 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$40Monthly Cost
Netflash FibreLink High-speed 15 VDSL15 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$45Monthly Cost
Netflash - B–DSL 6 Business Internet Plan6 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$50Monthly Cost
Netflash FibreLink High-speed 25 VDSL25 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$50Monthly Cost
Netflash - AirLink 6 Wireless Internet Plan6 Mbps Speed1 Mbps Upload150 GBs Usage$60Monthly Cost
Netflash - B–DSL 15 Business Internet Plan15 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$60Monthly Cost
Netflash FibreLink High-speed 50 VDSL50 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$60Monthly Cost
Netflash - AirLink 10 Wireless Internet Plan10 Mbps Speed3 Mbps Upload300 GBs Usage$70Monthly Cost
Netflash - B–VDSL 15 Business Internet Plan15 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$70Monthly Cost
Netflash FibreLink High-speed 100 VDSL100 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$75Monthly Cost

Netflash is a telecommunications company that offers a range of services to meet the communication needs of its customers. With a focus on providing reliable connectivity and excellent customer support, Netflash aims to ensure seamless communication experiences for both residential and business users. The company invests in advanced technology and infrastructure to deliver high-quality services that keep customers connected.

One notable aspect of Netflash is its commitment to reliable connectivity. The company strives to provide a stable and dependable internet connection, ensuring fast speeds and uninterrupted access to the internet for browsing, streaming, and other online activities. With Netflash, customers can expect a reliable network that meets their communication needs.

Additionally, Netflash places great emphasis on delivering excellent customer support. The company promptly addresses inquiries, technical issues, and account management to ensure customer satisfaction. With a customer-centric approach, Netflash aims to provide personalized assistance tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. This commitment to customer support helps build positive relationships and ensures that users have a positive experience when using Netflash's services.

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  1. Reliable Connectivity
  2. Fast Internet Speeds
  3. Excellent Customer Support
  4. Comprehensive Service Offerings


  1. Limited Service Availability
  2. Pricing

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Recent Google Reviews


Our internet went down and Riley in tech support was very helpful in walking us through setting up a new router....he was very patient and took us through the process step by step...he is very knowledgeable and gets a high five from us


Awesome company with very quick response to issues. Their technician “Ryan” is top notch and certainly is a valued member of their team.


Have enjoyed their service for at least a couple of years. Fibre. Amazing out here in the country side. I think there have been 5 outages, 4 of which were planned maint. Better than Bell service, back when I lived in the city.


My family has been a Netflash customer for about 8 years when we moved to the country side where they provided a wireless internet connection. The speed when we started was a blazing fast 5Mb downstream! Over the years, this wireless connection was upgraded to ~30Mbit which was quite Ok. This week, Netflash installed fibre to our house provided a completely amazing and incomparable 1Gb connection. Regardless of the speed of the connection. Netflash has been fantastic to work with. Their customer service is prompt and courteous at all times. Highly recommended.


Netflash customer service is the best! Thankfully, I have had very few problems, but anytime I've needed to contact Netflash, they are courteous, respectful and the issue is resolved quickly. They're the best!


So glad we switched to Netflash about 3 years ago!! Customer service and tech support A1! Thank you for providing an excellent internet option in our rural area. You’ve taken the frustration out of downloading and streaming.



Great local business providing a top quality service with a personal touch.


We had Netflash for 2 years until getting fiber optics ran to our house. Customer service was helpful and reachable if needed. Speeds and uptime were very consistent. Neighbours with other providers are always complaining but we were happy customers with Netflash.


Top notch people and company!


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Netflash Internet

Netflash Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Netflash is $79.29.

Netflash has a total of 21 Internet Plans

Netflash offers the highest speed of 1000 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Netflash is $40.00 

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