How to Prevent Home Break-Ins?

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Accounting to Statistics Canada, there were 36,928 breaking and entering incidents in Ontario in 2021. It’s almost 101 incidents per day. Your home is no longer a safe place for you, your family, your valuable items and even your cat.

Do something before that happens. Here are some tips to prevent burglaries away from your family.

#1 Lock Doors and Windows

It is best to lock all doors and windows when nobody is at home. Whether it’s the front door, back door, pet door or even skylight, they should be locked properly. You can install bolts or sensors to enhance the security of doors and windows.

#2 Lived-in Look

The burglar is not the robber. No one’s houses are their target. They are looking for cues that no one is at home. During the vacation period, if you are going out of town, make sure your home looks lived-in.

  • Ask your friends or neighbours to help you to empty your letter box and trim the lawn.
  • Using a timer or smart home devices to turn on/off lights, radio, TV or other appliances remotely.
  • Using SmartBlinds to open or shut remotely
  • Never publish your travel plans on social platforms. Perhaps they are one of your followers.

#3 Eliminate Hiding Spots

Do you have large bushes, trees, or garden decorates, such as a statue, which hides your windows or doors? Burglars always look for some areas that can be hidden and use them to open windows or doors. You should regularly prune or trim the plants and move large construction away from doors or windows. Another security strategy is installing motion sensor lights to protect your home at night. The light can not prevent someone from breaking directly, but it can expose burglars and scare them off. Also, it can be a warning to your neighbour or passerby.

#4 Enhance Door and Windows

Most of wooden frame doors or windows do not need an advanced technique to open. A big rock or kicking out the doorframe is enough to break. Installing the roller shutters and Burglar-Proof Screen Doors makes your home much more secure. Those products are resistant to cutting, rocks, and high-impact force but are easy to maintain.

#5 Alarm and Monitoring System

It’s expensive, but it does work. 60% of burglars will look for a different house as the target if an alarm is presented, according to UNC’s burglary survey. With the monitoring system, you will be warned via SMS or push notification and watch the live video via the app if there are any suspicious people around your home. It can prevent burglars before they break and have evidences to help police to catch the offenders.

#6 Dog

Yes, a barking dog. A traditional and effective method to protect your home. According to UNC’s burglary survey, 50% of burglaries will reconsider targeting if you have a barking dog.

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