Frontpoint – Home Security System

Frontpoint Security is an American company that has been providing security services for over a decade. They continue to operate in the United States, but they have also branched out into Canada.

Frontpoint aims to constantly improve and innovate within the home security industry, utilizing new technology to make homes safer, smarter & simpler. The focus of this company is that all their equipment is self-set up so that you can do it all yourself without having to pay expensive installation fees. If needed, their team on their


The cost of Frontpoint Security’s equipment ranges, depending on what products you are interested in. The company offers security packages and customizable packages available. A typical home package starts at $99 USD and includes:

Frontpoint provides a traditional alarm service as well as a subscription-based service. At the high end, the monthly cost is $49.00 USD for a single box with unlimited phone talk and text alerts.

Frontpoint Security rents burglar alarms, which means that they do not economically harm renters because there are no costly installation fees. The products are designed so that renters can install them from the comfort of their own homes without hassles.

Products Included

  • Frontpoint Hub & Keypad
  • Door and Window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Cameras
  • Smoke and heat sensors
  • Carbon monoxide sensor
  • Flood sensor
  • Wireless Light Control & Smart Light Bulbs
  • Smart Door Locks

The basic commitments

You can choose between month-to-month, 12-, or 36-month intervals (1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-year agreements). A new feature is that with month-to-month, you are not locked into signing an agreement for an extended period of time.

Frontpoint reviews your security system

You do not need to go past Frontpoint security if you want the best of the best for your new home. Frontpoint provides years of experience keeping homes and businesses secure, so you know your new abode is well lit under the tunnel.

Frontpoint Security offers packages that help its customers build their own customized security arrangements. Their alarms can guard against fire or intruders, and they offer a wide selection of different packages to suit the needs of any width and height of budget.

Front Point, a California-based company believes in the DIY pre-programmed approach. With this technique, you save money by not having to pay expensive installation fees for unscheduled and unneeded installations.


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