Best Residential VoIP Providers for 2022

Comparing the top-tier of residential VoIP providers can be overwhelming with all of the options, but FindBetter makes it easy to compare providers. With their comparison table, you are faced with your needs when it comes to what they offer in plan prices, features, or promos.

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You might think something of “Voice over IP” (voip) is out of reach for the average person, but some services are amenable to ordinary people. To wit, ever been offered a “triple play” deal from your local cable company? That is VoIP too when they’re just regional providers based on when the Telecomms decide to divvy up internet providers.

National VoIP providers are competing for business opportunities. These providers also offer other home phone services instead of just the traditional VoIP phone service. Consumers find these offerings to be more flexible than traditional services, so they can better take advantage of all VoIP benefits.

This is a simple guide to help you when shopping for an ideal residential VoIP service around you.

Provider Reviews and Services comparison

Before signing up for VoIP services, take your time to scrutinize and compare the different packages. You can also read testimonials regarding the packages and the provider from existing subscribers. Check the providers’ Twitter feed to know how frequently users report technical issues and quality of support.

Broadband (Cable or Fiber) Internet

You need to consider your download and upload speeds to allow sending and receiving of data at a fast rate. The best speed for residential VoIP services is 3Mbps and above upload speed and a faster download speed to enjoy all the features and quality sound.

An IP Phone vs ATA (VoIP Adapter)

The cost for the equipment varies from one provider to the other. Some providers rent the equipment for free and charge higher fees per month, while others sell the equipment at a high price and offer free services. You need to make a choice between the two. An ATA allows you to use a legacy phone over a VoIP network. On the other hand, IP phone connects directly to the modem or a router. An IP phone allows you to reap all the benefits offered by VoIP calling services.

Hooking Up Multiple Phones

Most homes are designed to allow you to connect to Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), – the standard telephone for homes. You need to consider other options like Ethernet Jack plates in different rooms, where you can connect your IP phones, use wireless phones with several handsets, or use a mobile app over the Wi-Fi.

VoIP Home Phone vs. Landline Home Phone Service

Landline phone services are limited to receiving and making calls – they have no other features. You can consolidate both networks and calls into one convenient point, saving you money at the same time. You can set up the VoIP phone to forward all your incoming calls to your mobile, so as to remain connected even when you are away from home.

The only challenge will be forgoing your old number for a new number when shifting to a VoIP phone service. Home VoIP phones have a number portability features that allow you to integrate your old landline number with the new service, hence no worry of giving up the old number. Confirm with the VoIP provider whether your old number qualifies for porting.

Shifting from standard landline phone to VoIP services maximizes customization and also cuts down on your monthly phone bills. Apart from fully assimilating you home network, VoIP phone services are cost-effective and a smart way of calling. With VoIP phone services, you will only have to pay a single low monthly rate and enjoy numerous features for much less.  Get your VoIP now, save money and enjoy flexibility!

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