Ooma – Business VoIP Plans & Review

In uncertain times, running a startup can easily become an uphill battle. As a new company, you need the flexibility and accessibility that large companies prioritize. And you also need a system that is affordable and simple to install. With a platform that’s highly customizable and highly cost-effective, Ooma is a fit for startups of all experience levels.

A VoIP system from Ooma Office is the perfect solution for new dynamic startups because they don’t have lengthy contracts with a high upfront cost. Ooma Office costs just $24.95 per month and works on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Ooma Office provides dozens of powerful call management features, such as remote business, an app which will turn your cell phone into a speakerphone. However, only the Ooma Office Pro plan has video conferencing capabilities at $29.95.

Business executives are often faced with spending too much time looking for high quality voice-to-text services to use in their company, instead of taking care of larger company tasks. Ooma Office is a professional-grade VoIP that does not break the bank, starting at just $19.95 per user per month. It’s easy to set up without specialized knowledge,and comes equipped with an endless list of features including the ability to turn old handset handsets into VoIP extensions by simply

Getting Started

In this latest round of testing, we found that Ooma Office is trying to step up their game to appeal to more than just small businesses. Despite the new focus on SMBs, despite the experienced challenges with a phone’s setup process, Ooma Office still provides a number of viable choices for the SMB management team.

Still, while Ooma prefers users get their phone through them, they do now have a process for using VoIP phones if you want to do that. We chose the optimal experience option and received a Yealink T48S from Ooma which is a fully-featured handset that just worked the first time we powered it up.

About Ooma Plans

Ooma’s basic service starts at $19.95 per user per month with no contract; however, that price does not include call center functionality or PCI compliance. Ooma Office Pro and Enterprise offer those features and dive deeper into enterprise-level security and domain management. If you want a fully PCI compliant system and all the needs of a call center, you’ll need to choose Full Call Center functionality for an additional $74.99 per user per month.

User Experience

One of the primary focuses in Ooma’s office version with Basic is to replicate what you can do on your phone. You can make calls, store numbers, and send SMS messages through your app. However, this app doesn’t provide cross-synergy capabilities, meaning if you’ve stored contacts elsewhere, the system won’t be able to match them. The release date for this feature is early next year.

Ooma supports VoIP over Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for a legacy POTS line. The adapter that Ooma includes with the handset lets you use an existing Wi-Fi connection, or create one if there are no available connections. This feature is perfect for small organizations with heavy Wi-Fi dependence, as well as all those at-home office employees who choose to work wireless.

Additionally, Ooma lets you use any analog phone. You just need an adapter which connects the phone the Ooma Base Station. The number of base stations can now have no limits with Ooma. This option is affordable with the starter pack, taking into consideration that you receive an Ooma Base Station and two extensions at $128.95.

One feature of Ooma Office is the DECT 6.0 wireless radio in the Ooma Base Station. The company offers a package with two Linx devices that support analog standard RJ-11 ports or you can buy the base station without Linx if you have no plans to use them.




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