VOIP Much – VoIP service Plans & Reviews

VOIP Much is a Canadian VoIP provider with terrific customer service and excellent online reviews. But even by the high standard of customer care in the Canadian vicinity, VOIP Much is making a name for itself.

For people looking for the lowest-cost solution, VOIP Much is ideal. Just because it is low-cost, does not mean that it provides a lesser-quality service. All of the core functionality is provided, the call quality is excellent, and the customer service team and onboarding process are flawless.

Small and medium-sized businesses could make great use of VOIP Much if they are looking to reduce their costs without compromising on the quality of their phone communications. For larger enterprises, certain integrations and customized solutions might be found lacking.

Corporations or call centers that take and make lots of calls to various destinations might not find this the best fit.

Home Phone Service – CAD $9.45 /month

Our quality discount home phone service provides you great rates with all the bells.

Enjoy free Canada and USA calling[3] for only $9.45 /month, plus these great features.


  • A high-speed Internet connection (Cable, DSL, Fiber)
  • A regular or cordless telephone, PC or mobile softphone, IP / VoIP phone.
  • An physical address in Canada or the US (no PO boxes)
  • A North American issued credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or Visa / MasterCard Debit card
  • An ATA (VoIP / SIP Adaptor) or softphone (bring your own device or purchase an unlocked device from VoIP Much)

VoIP Much Highlights

  • Simply connect an ATA (VoIP phone / analog terminal adapter) between your telephone and the internet. And you are ready.
  • VoIP Much Phone Company offers some of the lowest prices around for Internet phone service. Save today.
  • VoIP Much provides a true unlimited local calling area that includes over 520 Canadian cities.


  • High-grade business phone services available at $17.11 per month including local calling charges to more than 1,000 cities in Canada, exclusive of locations like Yukon, Nunavut, and NWT.
  • Expanded local area across Canada and unlimited calling
  • No fixed contracts
  • Local calling rates to locations in the US, excluding Alaska
  • Facility for porting your existing number free of cost by way of Line Number Port (LNP)
  • Availability of an incoming local phone number, businesses can choose any city they want from locations across Canada or the US.
  • Accessibility to more than 2,000 exchanges or rate centers which typically include multiple area codes across Canada and the US. You can also get access to over 30 countries.
  • More than 30 calling features provided, including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, and various others.

Equipment Needed

  • A physical address in the US or Canada, PO boxes not accepted
  • Credit card issued by any North American company including American Express, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard
  • Debit card issued by any North American company including Mastercard or Visa
  • Softphone with the option of using your own device or purchasing an unlocked handset from VoIP Much
  • PC or mobile softphone, IP/VoIP phone, regular or cordless handset
  • High-speed internet connection such as Fiber, DSL, or Cable

To get started, you’ll set up an Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) or VoIP phone connecting your telephone and internet.

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