Innovation Federal Credit Union No Fee Checking Account

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Innovation Credit Union is a Canadian credit union that serves communities primarily in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Here are some key points about Innovation Credit Union:

  • History: Innovation Credit Union has a history dating back to 2007 when it was formed through the merger of several credit unions, including the Swift Current Credit Union and West Community Credit Union. It has since grown and expanded its services.
  • Services: Innovation Credit Union offers a range of financial services, including savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment services, and insurance products. They provide both personal and business banking solutions.
  • Membership: Credit unions typically have membership requirements, often based on geographic location or other eligibility criteria. You can find information about membership eligibility on their official website or by contacting them directly.
  • Online Banking: Like many modern financial institutions, Innovation Credit Union likely provides online banking services through their website, allowing members to manage their accounts, make transactions, and access various banking services remotely.
  • Community Involvement: Credit unions often emphasize community involvement and support. Innovation Credit Union may be involved in local community initiatives, sponsorships, and charitable activities.
  • Locations: They may have physical branches and ATMs in various locations throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta, making it convenient for members to access their services.
  • Vision and Mission: Innovation Credit Union typically has a vision and mission statement that outlines its goals and values. These statements often emphasize providing financial services that benefit its members and the communities it serves.
  • Core Values: Credit unions often have core values such as integrity, community involvement, member focus, and financial responsibility. These values guide their decision-making and operations.
  • Products and Services: Innovation Credit Union likely offers a wide range of financial products and services to meet the needs of its members. This may include various types of savings and checking accounts, loans, credit cards, investment options, and insurance products.
  • Online and Mobile Banking: Many credit unions, including Innovation Credit Union, offer robust online and mobile banking platforms. Members can access their accounts, view transaction history, pay bills, transfer funds, and perform other banking tasks online or through mobile apps.
  • ATM Network: Credit unions typically participate in ATM networks that allow their members to access ATMs across a broader geographical area without incurring additional fees. Innovation Credit Union may be part of such networks to enhance convenience for its members.
  • Community Involvement: Credit unions often play an active role in supporting their local communities through various initiatives. This could include sponsorships of local events, scholarships, financial literacy programs, and charitable donations.
  • Membership Benefits: Members of Innovation Credit Union may enjoy benefits beyond traditional banking services, such as financial education resources, member discounts, and access to exclusive promotions.
  • Financial Education: Many credit unions are committed to financial literacy and offer resources and workshops to help their members make informed financial decisions.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Innovation Credit Union may have a corporate social responsibility program that outlines its commitment to ethical business practices, sustainability, and social impact.
  • Branch Locations: Depending on its size and reach, Innovation Credit Union may have multiple branch locations and ATMs to serve members in different communities.
  • Online Tools and Calculators: Credit unions often provide online tools and calculators on their websites to assist members in making financial decisions, such as mortgage calculators, savings goal planners, and budgeting tools.
  • Mobile Apps: Members may be able to download mobile apps for their smartphones or tablets to access account information, make mobile deposits, and manage their finances on the go.

No-Fee Chequing Account


  • Pay no monthly maintenance fees
  • Enjoy free and unlimited Interac e-Transfers® in online banking
  • Discover no minimum balance requirements
  • Make unlimited transactions – there’s no transaction fees
  • Access free ATMs* across Canada


  • 18+ years of age
  • Canadian resident (not including Quebec)
  • Social Insurance Number

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