Fido Solutions is a popular Canadian wireless service (4th largest in Canada) with a variety of options to suit everyone’s needs. Fido Mobile is based on the countrywide infrastructure developed by Rogers Wireless offering services to more than 33 million Canadians. As a sub-brand of the Rogers network, Fido offers high-speed LTE services.

And, since the company partners with more than 300 companies in over 200 countries, users can avail of their international roaming coverage also for a nominal charge per day. Possibly, the only downside of the Fido Mobile network is that it may offer limited coverage in rural areas. However, this shortfall is more than made up for by the companies it partners with and perhaps, slower 3G services resulting from dated technology.

Owned by Canada’s larger telecommunications company Rogers, Fido Mobile is a wireless services provider. The first to provide unlimited service in some Canadian cities, Fido was also the first wireless service provider to offer general packet radio service in North America. At just under 3.4 million customers, Fido is Canada’s fourth-largest wireless service provider.

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