Internet Providers in Edmonton

Edmonton has a total of 13 Internet providers that match your results. There are  7 Cable providers, 5 DSL providers, in total.


Best Internet Service Providers and Plans in Edmonton, Alberta

Unlike in rural areas in Canada, finding internet service providers in Edmonton is easy enough to do. Edmonton residents have plenty of ISP options that offer DSL, cable and fiber optic internet services. Most of them offer relatively cheap services without a contract. This means users can save tons of dollars on their month-to-month internet bill. Because there are plenty of internet service providers in Edmonton, choosing the best one requires careful comparison. To make the search fast and easy, here are ten of the top internet service providers in Edmonton.


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About Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, a province in Canada. It’s the second largest town in Alberta and the fifth largest municipality in Canada. Edmonton is a vibrant city. It’s often seen as the center of cultural, governmental, and educational events in Alberta. 

Best Internet Providers in Edmonton – Conclusion

Internet service providers in Edmonton are plenty compared to other areas in Canada. The ISPs mostly service the whole Alberta region as well. To get the best and easy-to-understand comparison ISP analysis, check out our comparison tool.

Edmonton, Alberta Internet Service Summarized
1500 MBPS
Fibre, Cable, Sattelite, DSL, Wireless, Mobile

Telus is the fastest internet provider in Edmonton, Alberta, with maximum speeds reaching 1500.00 Mbps.

VMedia Inc is the cheapest internet provider  in  Edmonton, Alberta , with pricing starting at $18.95.

There are currently 13 providers that offer internet service in Edmonton, Alberta

Telus, VMedia Inc, Xplore, Fido, Altima Telecom Internet Plans, Olympus Group, Distributel, GPN Networks, Nucleous Inc, goZoom, Shaw, Comwave, Cogeco providers that offer internet service  in  Edmonton, Alberta

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