Best Coextro Internet Plans

A young company, Coextro was established only in 2012. Since its founding until to this day, the company has been offering high-speed internet plans with no data capping.

Coextro is a high-speed internet provider that brings impressive fiber optic power to Ontario. Are you searching for internet in your apartment complex or condo? You should look into Coextro, which offers plans starting at $20 for speeds up to 15Mbps.

Coextro currently offers 5 internet service plans with download speeds up to 1000 mbps and pricing starting at $47.95. Coextro offers Cable internet service. Coextro currently offers internet service in Oshwenken, ON, Middleport, ON, York, ON, Caledonia, ON, Admaston/Bromley, ON, and more.

Coextro Internet Plans

Apart from its trademark internet services, Coextro also offers telephone and television services. Despite being new, it already has managed to make its mark on the telecommunications industry.

So how does Coextro compare to its competitors when it comes to residential internet plans?

Among internet service providers catering exclusively to apartments, condominiums, and hotels, Coextro offers the most cost-efficient plan. For the price of $45 per month, customers can enjoy an internet speed and download speeds of 100 mbps with unlimited bandwidth.

Installation is free when you opt to subscribe to Coextro’s services. And here’s what seals the deal for many customers: no lock-in periods. The only possible problem a customer might come across is that if there are no other customer in the building apart from them, they might have trouble convincing the building supervisor to apply for the service.

Until a good number of people requests for the service’s application, then the chances to avail a plan from any ISP is slim.

In summary, Coextro trumps other key players in providing excellent service at a reasonable price –save for the fact that it doesn’t offer its products to homes.


Coextro Pros and Cons


  • All-Day Support: Coexto offers tech support for its customers between the hours of 9 AM – 9 PM, giving users plenty of time to call in with requests.
  • $25 Friend Referral: If you have a friend that signs up for Coextro, you can gain a $25 credit for the referral. What else are friends for?
  • Best-price Guarantee: If you can find a better deal from a different provider, bring it to Coextro and they will match it.
  • No Contracts: Unlike other ISPs, Coextro doesn’t require you to sign up for long, annual contracts. You never sign a contract with Coextro and you don’t ever get charged a cancellation fee.


  • Ontario-Only: Coextro only offers their services in the Greater Ontario area so you will not get their services outside of the city.
  • Rental Costs: You will be charged a rental fee to purchase the hardware needed to run Coextro’s internet
  • Certain Apartments Don’t Allow Coextro: The company isn’t available in some apartment buildings that have signed contracts with other providers.

Coextro Internet Plans

About Coextro

If you are moving into a new apartment or condo, you should look into Coextro. The ISP is offering impressive and reliable internet straight from their fiber optic network. Fiber optic internet is almost always much faster than the traditional home internet you are used to and is truly the future of the web.

Coextro is aimed at people living in smaller units, people who need a decent amount of power and data without breaking the bank. Their speeds are not as fast as some competitors but their prices are hard to argue against.

However, it seems that many of the price packages offered are too good to be true because they are often limited-time deals that will not last. In fact, many of Coextro’s prices will go up after a few months. You will get a few months at a low, low cost but then your price will gradually increase. The increase will not be anything too startling but please keep in mind that the amount you spend on Coextro, in the beginning, will not last.

Still, the lowest price you can get with Coextro is initially $20 a month. That is an incredibly low price for the sort of internet they are providing. So even when that price does go up, it will still be a strong, impressive value.

There are some enticing services that Coextro proudly offers like all-day tech support and no contracts. They also promote their unlimited data feature and friends referral deal, where you receive $25 in credit when you get a friend to sign up. That are some nice perks to use the services and make the sting of limited availability and increasing costs a little bit easier to manage.

Some of the shortcomings of Coextro are harder to ignore, like the fact that they may charge you a rental fee for using their equipment. It’s things like that may have you sour on the company and feel like you’ve been misled or lied to. Still, you cannot argue with that initial low, low price.

The speeds offered by Coextro are pretty striking and one of their most attractive features. You can go as low as 15Mbps a month and up to 500 Mbps, with the first plan costing you $20 and the second $50. Remember, those prices are often introductory and will go up over time. But they are quite attractive as a starting point.

If you are looking for low-cost and rather fast internet for your new apartment or condo in Ontario, you should do yourself a favour and look into Coextro. Just be careful because they do not advertise some of their sneaky shortcomings.

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Coextro Provides internet service in 1 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Coextro is $72.35.

Coextro has a total of 5 Internet Plans

Coextro offers the highest speed of 1000 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Coextro is $47.95 

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