Best Unlimited Internet Plans in Canada

Unlimited bandwidth internet plans have now become the most effective way to attract customers. Many service providers have now started exciting marketing campaigns with discounts and special pricing to get more customers to sign up to their services.

Unlimited Internet Plans give users an access to unlimited usage of data and bandwidth Internet, which is the best plan for those who constantly use the Internet for heavy uploads and downloads.  

Best Unlimited Internet Providers In Canada


Company Download Speed Bandwidth
Rogers 1 gbps Unlimited
Altima Telecom 500 mbps Unlimited
Execulink 500 mbps Unlimited
Velcom 250 mbps Unlimited
Acanac 150 mbps Unlimited


Unlimited internet plans give you unlimited access to the internet and this is a huge advantage if you love to spend lots of time ‘online.’ There’s no shortage of service providers offering unlimited bandwidth internet plans. In fact, you would also find companies that offer great discounts and offers if you switch to their high-speed internet plan.

Because internet plans can vary tremendously in terms of the performance and customer service they provide, the question is how can you find the best unlimited internet plans and save your hard-earned money?

Most Popular Unlimited Internet Plans 

Canada had 32.4 million internet users* (2014) which are equivalent to 92.9% of the population. CIRA reports that an average Canadian spends more time online than anyone else in the world i.e. 45 hours* (2013).

You can find a number of leading Canadian Internet Service Providers or ISPs that offer the internet and other related services for home and business. Each company might use a different technology such as Cable, Satellite, Fiber Optic or DSL to send the Internet into your home. Remember that each internet plan offers different features, benefits and of course, pricing.

You need to compare your internet options based on the type of technology (internet), speed offered (upload and download) and bandwidth. Check out internet service providers in Canada to find internet plans that meet your requirements.

Which is the Best Internet Plan for me?

Like any other utility, not all internet plans are created equal. As more and more people prefer to go ‘cord-free,’ most internet service providers are now looking to increase the prices of a standalone internet. Here are some factors to think about when you compare the Best Internet service providers in your area and the best internet plans that can help you save money.

  1. Internet Speed
    In terms of price, high-speed internet plans cost more than those offering average upload and download speeds. If you need to download a lot of images and other heavy files or want to spend hours streaming video, you can opt for the fastest internet plan available. To know the speed of your existing internet connection, take our internet speed test now.
  1. Add-on Charges
    Make sure you compare internet plans based on their fee, set-up and installation charges and other charges applicable if any. It’s also useful to have a look at the length of contract or changes in price once the introductory period or discount offer ends. Not to forget, you need to check whether or not the internet plan has cancellation charges.
  1. Combine services
    Some companies offer discounts or lower pricing if you combine their high-speed internet service with TV or home phone service and this is a huge advantage.
  1. Compare Plans
    When you subscribe to an internet service, you need to conduct periodic reviews to see how well your internet performs. After all, there are new packages, new services being introduced every few days. To compare the best internet options available for your home, enter your postal code in the search bar above.
  1. Switch Providers
    You can switch service providers if your existing contract ends or you are not satisfied with the internet performance. Your new service provider might give you a better deal for the same price or even less.
  1. Consider Dial-up
    Dial-up connections are the cheapest and if you are a light user and save a few bucks, there’s nothing better than a dial-up internet plan. Remember, dial-ups are slow and you might have problems with downloading heavy files or video streaming.
  1. Contract Renewal
    Don’t forget to mark your calendar as to when your service ends. To compare other best possible options, use the internet provider comparison tool above.