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Best VMedia Inc Internet Plans

VMedia provides high-speed internet services for homes in different parts of Canada. Customers get to choose from various speed-based plans depending on their usage requirements. VMedia offers internet connectivity through DSL and cable.

VMedia aims to provide Canadians with the best value through highly competitive prices across all its services; be it internet, TV, home phone, or home security services. Since its inception, it has been at the forefront when it comes to making internet and TV services in Canada more accessible and affordable. Through the years, other than taking on the big players, it has also petitioned the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Customers looking for VMedia internet plans get access to special promotional prices. Depending on the plan you select, you might qualify for free modem rental. What also helps is that all VMedia internet plans come with a free TV offer.

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The Fastest VMedia Inc Internet Plans

VMedia - Fibre Internet 1.5 Gig1500 Mbps Speed940 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$45Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 1024 Plan - NB,NL1024 Mbps Speed30 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$89.95Monthly Cost
Vmedia - Cable 1000/25 Plan - AB, BC, SK1000 Mbps Speed25 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$89.95Monthly Cost
Vmedia - Cable 1000/25 Plan - MB1000 Mbps Speed25 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$99.95Monthly Cost
Vmedia - Cable 750 Plan - AB, BC, SK750 Mbps Speed100 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$84.95Monthly Cost
Vmedia - Cable 750 Plan - MB750 Mbps Speed100 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$89.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 500 Plan - NB,NL500 Mbps Speed20 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$84.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 400/50 Plan - QC400 Mbps Speed50 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$58.95Monthly Cost
Vmedia - Cable 300 Plan - AB, BC, SK, MB300 Mbps Speed15 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$79.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 300/10 Plan - NS, PEI300 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$79.95Monthly Cost

The Cheapest VMedia Inc Internet Plans

VMedia - Cable 25 Plan - AB, BC, MB, SK25 Mbps Speed2.5 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$29.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 30/10 Plan - QC30 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$29.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - DSL 15/1 Plan - AB, BC15 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$32.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 60/10 Plan - QC60 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$34.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - DSL 25 Plan - AB, BC25 Mbps Speed2.5 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$36.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 75 Plan - MB75 Mbps Speed7.5 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$39.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - DSL 50/10 Plan - AB, BC50 Mbps Speed10 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$40.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - DSL 7 Plan - NS, NB, NL, PEI7 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$42.95Monthly Cost
Vmedia - DSL 15 Plan - NS, NB, NL, PEI15 Mbps Speed1 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$43.95Monthly Cost
VMedia - Cable 75 Plan - AB, BC, SK75 Mbps Speed7.5 Mbps UploadUnlimited Usage$44.95Monthly Cost

According to VMedia, more than 80% of its customers recommend its services to others.

No Contracts

With no term contracts, you may look forward to using the internet services of this company for as long as you want. Some plans come with two months free internet, whereas as some others offer discounted prices for the first two months.

Modem Options

No matter whether you select a DSL or cable internet plan, you get to buy or rent a modem through VMedia. You may also use your own modem, provided it is on the list of modems approved by the company.

The amount you need to pay to buy or rent a modem depends on the plan you get, which, in turn, depends on the service area in which you reside. Plan-specific installation costs might apply. For DSL internet plans, a dry loop fee of $8 may also apply for customers who do not have Bell home telephones.

Usage Limit

All the internet plans provided by VMedia come without data limits – giving you access to unlimited downloads and uploads. There are no data restrictions or caps in place, as long as your usage activity does not jeopardize the VMedia network.


If you wish to get a new VMedia DSL internet connection, installation might take six to seven business days. No technician visit is required if you opt for the DSL 6 service, as you simply need to connect the modem to an activated phone jack.

For cable connections, third-party technicians from Rogers, Videotron, Cogeco, Shaw, or Eastlink make home-visits for installation. Existing Rogers, Videotron, Cogeco, Shaw, and Eastlink customers who sign up for VMedia cable internet services do not require technician visits.

All the internet plans that this company offers come with unlimited uploads and downloads. Another plus is that customers don’t have to sign up for any fixed-term contracts. Through this guide, we’ll help you determine which VMedia internet plan might work best for you.

About VMedia

Founded in 2013, VMedia Inc. is a Canada-based telecommunications company and broadcast distribution, provider. It provides cable and DSL internet services in:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan

You may sign up for its IPTV services from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, or Quebec. Its VoIP telephone and home security services are available across the country.

The company functions as a competitive local exchange carrier and provides DSL and cable internet services by buying wholesale bandwidth from major network providers such as Bell, Rogers, Vidéotron, Cogeco, Telus, Shaw Communications, and Bell Aliant.

VMedia was the first Canadian company to provide unlimited data through all its internet plans.


Cities Covered By VMedia Inc

Pros & Cons


  1. Innovative TV Service

  2. Affordability

  3. Customizable Packages

  4. Multiple Device Compatibility


  1. Limited Availability

  2. Network Performance

  3. Customer Support

  4. Content Availability

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Recent Google Reviews

VMedia Inc

One of the absolute WORST phone and internet companies. After 2 years of being a customer and having minimal issues, to having costs hiked up, constant connectivity issues, and ZERO help on their end. After sitting on hold and going through their automated system for 1 HOUR AND 45 MINUTES, I spoke to someone for less than 5 minutes, and was left with no solutions as to why my internet isn't working and they tried to upgrade me to the plan I was already on stating that it would help improve the quality of my services. When I told her I was already on that plan she offered no further assistance and transferred me right back to the technical support line who sent me back to customer care Edit, since I can't respond directly to their reply: Your call back option does not work. I tried. Your company also said they raised a ticket, and would have someone at my house this morning, the technician they scheduled never showed up. And Your automated response below was complete and utter trash.

VMedia Inc

awful service. technicians are late, rude, and a headache. tech support is even worse.

VMedia Inc

Worst customer service ever. 3+ hours to talk to tech support for a cut cable. "Have you tried unplugging your modem and turning it back on?" as the construction teams shows me the cut cable. It was faster to cancel and sign up with Bell than to book a repair.

VMedia Inc

Awesome service and experience overall thus far 😊

VMedia Inc

Good price and packages

VMedia Inc

Non existent support. 7 days now , service down and no call back. Keep being told “I’m so sorry to hear that”. Worst experience by far with any company in any industry.

VMedia Inc

Great deal, great customer care, and great quality of the Internet.

VMedia Inc

You get what you pay for. Basically the worst customer service you can have while being polite, and the modem they give you is total garbage.

VMedia Inc

Great customer service. Fiar wait times. Amazing hours. All in all good experience.

VMedia Inc

Satisfied !


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VMedia Inc Internet

VMedia Inc Provides internet service in 10 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by VMedia Inc is $60.02.

VMedia Inc has a total of 28 Internet Plans

VMedia Inc offers the highest speed of 1500 mbps

The lowest price for internet by VMedia Inc is $29.95 

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