Share Everything 1GB plan

Rogers Wireless offers shareable cell phone plans with data included. The Share Everything 1G plan has everything a premium plan offers – unlimited local calls, unlimited text messaging, photo and video messaging, and a 1-gigabyte data allowance that can be shared between 10 devices. The Share Everything 1G plan can be paid monthly or on a two-year term. It’s ideal for people who don’t use much data.
Plan Name

Rogers Share Everything+ Plan $70

Price $40 per month
Talk time Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Data 1 GB
Price $70 per month

Share Everything 15GB

This plan is an excellent choice for families of four. Your family gets unlimited calls and texts and 15 gigabytes of shareable data for all four devices. You can also register for Texture or Spotify Premium, since Unlimited Music is also included, and you can get up to six months free membership.

Share Everything 10GB

Share Everything 10GB is a great option if you use a lot of data. This plan features unlimited talk and text, and 10GB of consumable data. Like Share Everything 15GB, you also get Unlimited Music. If postpaid plans are not for you, you can opt for the prepaid version of the best Rogers cell phone plans and offers.

Prepaid Monthly Talk and Text 25

Roger’s Prepaid Monthly Talk and Text offer gives you unlimited texts within Canada, and photo and video messaging. You also get unlimited evening and weekend calls, plus 50 minutes of free local calls. Rogers Wireless provides first-rate customer service, alongside its best cell phone plans. Here at CompareMyRates, you can learn more about these prices and how the company’s plans measure against competitors.

A breakdown of the most popular Rogers cell phone plans:

Rogers have been market leaders in the cellphone business for many years. You’ll find a wide range of plans to meet your needs. Before you sign up for a plan, it’s a good idea to think about your requirements. There’s no need for data, for example, if you’re only making calls and sending a few texts. There’s no point in overspending on features you may never use.

Most affordable Rogers cell phone plans in Canada

You will find Rogers phone plans to cover all price ranges. It’s important to opt for a plan that’s going to work for you and your individual budget. Here are a few of the company’s current most affordable plans. Please bear in mind that not all plans are accessible throughout Canada. So, you’ll also need to check to see if the plan is available in your province.

Prepaid Monthly Talk and Text 10

This is the most affordable plan at just $10, but the features are extremely limited. This plan is only suitable if you use your phone on a very limited basis.
  •  50 minutes and 50 texts
  •  Local is 30¢/min, Canada and US long distance 50¢/min
  •  Domestic text only
  •  No data
  •  Sim card costs an additional $10 and you can bring your own phone
You’ll find other plans which add a few more minutes onto your overall total, but you still won’t get any data.

Talk and Text 150 Canada Minutes Plan

If you need more minutes, take a look at the Talk and Text 200 Canada Minutes Plan Text at $25. This plan offers you the following:
  •  150 Minutes Canada-wide
  •  Unlimited Text, video, and picture messages nationwide
  •  $9.99 for a sim card and you need to bring your own phone
  •  No data

Talk and Text Unlimited Local Minutes Plan

This plan gives you unlimited text messages and minutes, for $40. If you make lots of calls, but still don’t need much data, this is probably the best option for you.
  •  Unlimited minutes
  •  Unlimited messages, video, text and picture
  •  $9.99 for sim card
  • 1 GB

Best mobile data plans from Rogers

There are several plans that offer you low data at 200-500MB, but these are only offered in a handful of provinces. You’ll need to check your individual province to determine if a plan like this is available. The price per plan will vary from province to province.

200-500MB Data Plan Non-Shared

  •  This is $40-60 depending upon the province you’re living in (some provinces have less data and some have more)
  •  You get unlimited local calls and unlimited Canada-wide calls
  •  Some provinces offer 1GB plus for $50-60
These are the most affordable plans. As you add more data the costs rise considerably – so, take some time to  find the right range for your needs. Remember that costs in your province may differ vastly from another province. For example, you may pay more in BC than the prairies for cell phone coverage.

Best prepaid plans from Rogers

There are several pay-as-you-go plans – below are the basic ones. Make sure you check with your province to determine the exact rates in your area. You can use your own phone or buy one from Rogers for these plans.

Talk and text

$10 Plan –  ‘bare bones’ plan
  • 50 text – domestic and international text to select countries
  • International text messages are 35¢/per message
  • 50 minutes of local anytime calls – 30¢/minute for extra usage
  • 50¢/minute for Canada and U.S. long distance calls
$15 Unlimited This plan gives you unlimited texts and calls:
  •  Text, video, and pictures
  •  35¢/text for your international messages
  •  75¢/message for U.S. video and picture messages
  •  30¢/minute for your anytime calls
  •  50¢/minute U.S. and Canada long distance
Text and talk plans then increase in price and add more minutes, or other features.

Text, Talk and Data

These plans give you text, talk, and data and start at $30 for basic data. Basic $30 plan
  •   $30 text, talk and data
  •  Unlimited text, video and picture
  •  250MB Data
  •  15¢ per extra megabyte
  •  50 minutes anytime local calls
  •  30¢ for additional usage
  •  15¢ for Canadian and U.S long distance
$50 Plan
  •   $50 text, talk, data
  •  Unlimited text, video, picture
  •  500MB Data
  •  15¢ per extra megabyte
  •  100 minutes anytime local calls
  •  50¢ for Canadian and U.S long distance
Data and minutes increase the more you pay, but these are the basic plans available.

Best Rogers data share plans for families

If you have a larger family, you might want to share data. This can give you a larger amount of data that can be shared by all family users, which can be cheaper than having separate pans. Here are the best data sharing plans for families to help you get the most from your phones. Please note that plans and pricing can change depending on your province. These share plans are based on British Colombia residents – your province may have different data and pricing, so please check before you buy. Plans go up in price if you decide to buy a new phone through Rogers so always check for exact pricing. These plans are based on the “Smart” plan, although they also have premium plans and ones where you bring your own phone. $85 Basic 1GB Plan
  •  $80 1GB (Activate or upgrade a phone for 3GB)
  •  Unlimited text
  •  Unlimited local and Canada-wide calls
$90 Plan 2GB Plan
  •  $85 2GB (Activate or upgrade a phone for 4GB)
  •  Unlimited text
  •  Unlimited local and Canada-wide calls
$95 Plan 4GB Plan
  •  $90 4GB (Activate or upgrade a phone for 6GB)
  •  Unlimited text
  •  Unlimited local and Canada-wide calls
You can add much higher data levels for additional fees. Check with your province for extra data costs and plans.

Best BYOD plans at Rogers

You can save money if you “bring your own phone” and just purchase a new sim card for it. Below are the basic plans in British Colombia. Please check with your own province for plans and rates via Rogers, as pricing options vary.

Basic Text and Calls

$25 150 Canada-wide minutes
  •   50 text messages
$35 Unlimited local minutes
  •  Unlimited messaging
  •  Unlimited local calling
$40 Unlimited Canada-wide minutes
  •  Unlimited messaging
  •  Unlimited calling

Data, Text and Calls

$85 Basic 1GB Plan
  •  $80 1GB (Activate or upgrade a phone for 3GB)
  •  Unlimited text
  •  Unlimited local and Canada-wide calls
Just be aware that plans and data costs change depending upon where you live in the country.

Summary: Best cell phone plans at Rogers

These are the best plans you can get in Canada for Rogers Wireless. Please keep in mind that calls, messaging, and data costs can vary greatly depending on where you live and not all plans and rates are available in all areas. It’s always best to speak to a Rogers representative to determine your needs.
Rogers Wireless is a Toronto-based Canadian wireless phone company. It’s the largest wireless carrier in Canada, gaining a revenue of almost $8.3 billion in 2017. Rogers Wireless is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications and serves millions of subscribers every year. The company operates HSPA+ and LTE networks in all Canadian provinces. It also offers roaming in Canada’s territories. Rogers Wireless is at the frontline of technological innovation. It was the first Canadian telephone company to launch an LTE network, and in May 2013 it began marketing LTE Max. Three years later, LTE Max coverage reached 95% of Canada’s residents. Rogers Wireless also launched Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in 2015 and were the first to bring this service it to Canada. Take a look at our breakdown of the current best cell phone plans and offers from Rogers:

What Makes Rogers Cell Phone Plans Better Than Its Competition?

You can never go wrong with Rogers Wireless. For one, it’s the biggest wireless service provider in Canada. Also, the telecom loves innovation. It is constantly unveiling new technologies to deliver superior coverage at faster speeds. In fact, early this year, Rogers Wireless will present gigabit wireless speeds. More than that, Rogers also steadily provides exclusive features and add-ons. These include:
  • Data Everywhere: The cell phone plans from Rogers are primarily geared towards Canada use. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your carrier when you go out of the country. The feature lets you use your data outside Canada for just $7 per day. If you use your data in the US, it will be computed against your monthly plan. For other countries–over 100 of them–you need to fork out $12 per day.
  • NHL Live and GamePlus Freebies: When you have the Share Everything plan with a two-year binding contract, you can get access to NHL LIVE for free. This feature lets you stream domestic games. You can likewise stream out-of-market tournaments on your handheld device, computer or smart TV. You’ll also get a GamePlus freebie. This is an exclusive reward for Rogers consumers. It’s VIP access to NHL tickets and events throughout the season.
  • Half a Year of Premium Spotify: Once you get the Share Everything plan, you can subscribe to Spotify Premium for the first six months without paying anything.
  • Magazine Subscription Special Rates: You can get up to 85% off on several magazine subscriptions if you sign up with Rogers Wireless. Some of these publications are Today’s Parent, Chatelain, and Macleans.

About Rogers Wireless and Their Cell Phone Plans

Rogers Wireless is a trademark of Rogers Communication. It’s the largest wireless service provider in Canada. In 2016, Roger Wireless had over 10 million subscribers. The network reach of Rogers covers 95% of Canadians. Currently, the service provider offers GSM to LTE technologies. Soon enough, Rogers will roll out the 5G network. That means a wide range of data options for you.