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Vancouver has a total of 14 Internet providers that match your results. There are  7 Cable providers, 3 DSL providers, in total.


Best Internet Service Providers and Plans in Vancouver, British Columbia

Before heading out in search of the best internet plan or internet service provider in Vancouver, it is essential you analyze the most important features you would want. In a similar manner, you must compare prices so that you are able to opt for the best internet service provider based on your budget. Using is one of the simplest ways to compare the prices of different internet service providers in Vancouver and find the right internet package according to your usage and budget.


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Most people assume that only the most high-end and expensive ISPs in Canada offer the fastest, high-speed internet connections. Rest assured this is not the case as users have extensive options to choose from. There are many budget-friendly internet services provides in Vancouver that won’t break your bank. However, before making a hasty decision, be sure to check through all of the different cable and DSL internet plans offered here.

It is essential you conduct prior research and obtain all the necessary information and details about the internet service providers to make a more informed decision. Using a comparison tool is also an effective way to compare details of some of the best internet services in Vancouver. Also, do not forget to pay attention to how much bandwidth you will require. If you are tired of wasting time and want to get the best value for your money, use the list below to select the best internet provider in Vancouver.

About the Best ISP’s in Vancouver

Known for providing high-speed internet all over Canada, Shaw is certainly a name you can count on. The lowest internet packages start at $55.00. However, the company does not offer unlimited internet bundles. The highest download speed offered by the internet service provider is 150 Mbps.  Folks who reside in Vancouver can select from 4 different internet plans.

Offering internet packages at a price as low as $39.95, Novus is considered as one of the most reliable internet service providers in Canada. Users can benefit from the incredibly high-speed internet plans. You can select from 4 different internet plans if you reside in Vancouver, British Columbia.

With no bundles and no contracts, LightSpeed provides customers with the freedom of taking advantage of a great deal. The company was established in 1993 and started off by designing and publishing electronic information when mosaic web browser launched in the earlier days. As the years went by, the company began to recognize the need for Internet Access. In 1994, LightSpeed deployed its first row of 28.8 modems and telephone lines. From then on, the company has closely examined how internet technologies have evolved over the past couple of years and have since customized their services to suit the needs of their customers.

Telus is another reputable company that is known for offering the best internet service in Canada. However, its internet plans start at $73.00, which is pretty expensive compared to other internet providers in Canada.  Additionally, the brand offers 0 unlimited internet plans, which can also be a minor disadvantage for companies.  The highest download speed offered by the company is 150 mbps. Folks residing in Vancouver, British Columbia can select from 3 internet plans in Telus.

Over the last three decades, Uniserve has been offering innovative tech solutions to people spread out all over Canada. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is known for offering reliable yet affordable internet services to business and home customers. Uniserve Communications Corporation is considered as the pioneers in media services, integration of voice, delivery and consulting.  The company directly fulfills the needs of its customers via wholesale partners.

Founded in 2003, CIK Telecom is considered as a leading company in the word of telecommunications in Canada. The company started its mission by providing inexpensive and innovative multi-media and telecommunication services to the large ethnic communities spread across the country. Catering to almost 160,000 customers. The company offers a high-quality infrastructure that is designed to improve coverage and service. Over the future, the company has plans to expand its services across the country. Apart from high-speed internet services, customers can also enjoy home entertainment and home monitoring services.

Over the last 10 years, AEBC Internet Corporation has earned a reputation for offering high-speed internet connection and affordable TV packages. Customers can benefit from DSL internet or residential cable anywhere around the world in Alberta or BC.

About Vancouver

Located alongside the west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver is among Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. The beautiful city is surrounded by glorious mountains and is a popular filming location because of its gorgeous scenic views. The Vancouver Art Gallery is famous for promoting the work of regional artists. Vancouver is also home to the Museum of Anthropology that houses many First Nations collections.

Conclusion on the Best Internet Providers in Vancouver

Choosing the right internet provider is an important decision that will directly affect your quality of life, depending on your commercial or residential needs. To ensure you have made the right decision, read through this guide carefully so that you are able to make the right decision based on your usage and overall budget.



Vancouver, British Columbia Internet Service Summarized
1500 MBPS
Fibre, Cable, DSL

Telus is the fastest internet provider in Vancouver, British Columbia, with maximum speeds reaching 1500.00 Mbps.

Nucleus is the cheapest internet provider  in  Vancouver, British Columbia , with pricing starting at $18.95.

There are currently 14 providers that offer internet service in Vancouver, British Columbia

Telus, Fido, Distributel, Lyttonnet, Velocity Networks, Nucleus, Unmetered, AEBC Internet Corporation, Novus, TekSavvy Solutions Inc., Shaw, Comwave, Cogeco, Rogers providers that offer internet service  in  Vancouver, British Columbia

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